Video about the Empire State Building Transformation, hosted by Alpen’s founder, Robert Clarke

Trolling around Youtube today, I found a video posted by Sika about the Empire State Building retrofit of 2010, and was surprised and delighted to hear a friendly voice greet me when I pressed “play”.  The video’s host is none other than Alpen founder and suspended coated film architectural glass pioneer, Robert Clarke.

Clarke’s work to initiate, oversee and engineer the re-glazing of all 6,514 windows in the Empire State Building is perhaps his most well-known and celebrated project achievements.  Ingeniously, he imagined a way to re-use all of the existing double-pane clear glass and boost R-value from R-2 to R-7 by disassembling, and re-assembling the glass units with a center layer of suspended coated film, making them triple-pane units.  His method of building an entire glass facility on the building’s fifth floor enabled the work to be done with minimal disruption to tenants and a low embodied energy cost.

Today, with the 8 other efficiency improvements in place, windows are credited to be achieving return on investment 151% faster than initially modeled expectations – full payback is expected to be achieved within the first 5 years.

Learn more about “Greening the Empire State Building” here

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Sustainable Design talks with Chris Bailey, Alpen window expert – NAPHN Conference 2014


In September, 2014, “Sustainable Design” – a Youtube channel focused on promoting new energy efficient products – visited the North American Passive House Network 2014 Conference in Portland, ME.  Video hosts stopped to talk with Chris Bailey of Pinnacle Window Solutions from Biddeford, ME while he was in his booth promoting Alpen high performance fiberglass windows.  This fun, informative video is now live on Youtube:

Pinnacle Window Solutions is one of Alpen HPP’s longest-tenured dealers in New England, having represented Alpen high performance fiberglass windows and glass in their region for many years.

Formally trained in architecture and possessing a strong aptitude for understanding technical elements of high performance fenestration, Chris Bailey quickly established himself as an expert in Alpen window products within the first year of Pinnacle WIndow Solutions’ establishment as an Alpen Distributor.

Alpen HPP is proud to have Chris Bailey serve as a spokesman for our Colorado-made fiberglass windows and suspended film insulated glass products.

Alpen HPP also thanks Sustainable Design VT for capturing and sharing this interview with the worldwide web.  Bravo to all that you do!

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Happy Homeowner Reports Success in Winter Window Installation

Even though it’s almost winter, it’s not too late to replace or install new energy efficient windows!  Braving the chilly Colorado temperatures last week, one Conifer, CO Alpen window owner forged ahead in his window installation work, sending us this update from the field:

 “My daughter and I installed the final three [windows] today … the last one when it was 27 degrees and snowing. They look great … clean, simple, solid and a pleasure to operate. I’m very happy !”

Conifer, CO Alpen Install

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Passive House Western PA Special Event this Wednesday, Nov. 5

Hey Western, PA!  Don’t miss this week’s special presentation hosted by the Western PA Passive House Alliance:

“Passive House Beyond the House”, presented by Passive House Western PA, powered by Bayer Material Science and Green Building Alliance.  The venue is the IBEW Conference Center, Southside.  The date is November 5,2014, 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Speakers will be Katrin Klingenberg, PHIUS and Timothy McDonald, Onion Flats.

Read more about the event and register online:

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Passive House Institute Certified Projects Database Now Online

Passive House PHI DatabaseThe International Passive House Association (iPHA) recently published their searchable database of Passive House Certified projects both completed and in construction.  As similar as the diversity in the individual home designs is the diversity of window products used.  There appear to be as many European window products as there are North American windows.

Among certified homes with North American windows, Alpen HPP is pleased to see that the large majority are pultruded fiberglass windows, including such premium products as Cascadia Windows, Accurate Dorwin, Inline and, of course, Serious Energy – who’s facilities Alpen HPP purchased in late 2012.

Although we retained the “X25″ naming convention, Alpen HPP has  taken great strides to improve the old Serious window line, and to make it Passive House friendly – from adding glass packages to accessories, to becoming the first Passive House Institute, US (PHIUS) Certified Window.

Check out the new searchable iPHA database online here:

How many Alpen/Serious projects can you count?


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Alpen Designers & Builders Among “Housing Innovation Awards” Winners

On September 30, 2014, the Energy Department announced recipients of this year’s Housing Innovation Awards, given to residential builders in recognition of their industry leadership in advancing energy efficient home construction.  Award nominees were drawn from two DOE program pools: DOE Zero Energy Ready Home and Home Performance with Energy Star.

Alpen HPP wishes to extend our sincerest congratulations to all of the Housing Innovation Award winners.  We also would like to take this opportunity to send special congratulations and thanks to award winners who supported, considered or selected Alpen high performance fiberglass windows for their award-winning projects, including:

One Sky Homes, Custom Builder, Grand Award Winner

Promethean Homes, LLC, Custom Builder

New Town Builders, Production Builder, Grand Award Winner

See the full list of 2014 Housing Innovation Award winners here and be sure to download recipient project case-studies from the Department of Energy Building Technologies Office for details and illustrations on how each award-winning home achieved it’s advanced efficiency and comfort goals.




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Landenberg Today touts house with Alpen windows as “A Home for the Next Century”

October 2, 2014-

Landenberg Today magazine Fall 2014 edition features multi-page article on an Alpen window home, calling it “A Home for the Next Century.”

eos-rebel-t5i_1074Nestled in a serene 7-acre camp in Landenberg, PA in Chester County, about 20 miles Southwest of Philadelphia, KampKaolin is a 2,700 square foot high performance home inspired, designed and built following the Passive House approach.  The construction team at Hugh J Lofting Construction Management emphasize use of “low-impact” building materials and methods throughout the build cycle.

As illustrated in their beautifully and meticulously maintained blog documenting all stages of the design-build process, the home’s owners explain how Alpen high performance fiberglass windows help create the super-insulated, air-tight building envelope a high performance home requires.

Hugh Lofting Construction further emphasizes how Alpen windows integrate with an air-tight envelope in their online installation video recorded on-site at KampKaolin during construction.

With such precision, care and attention to detail, this Alpen window project is sure to pass even the most stringent blower door test and air infiltration requirements of a super-efficient, zero-energy ready home of tomorrow.


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Holladay Expertly Recaps Successes of Passive House Network 2014 Conference

September 26, 2014:

On the heels of another tremendously successful Passive House Conference – this time in Portland, Maine, hosted by the North American Passive House Network Alpen HPP thanks the NAPHN community for generously hosting the event as well as all of the experts in the field who are recapping important lessons from the event.

Most recently, Green Building Advisor, Martin Holladay’s blog applauds the conference attendees for their intellect and openness toward sharing information and learnings from the field.  Holladay’s blog goes on to summarize key messages delivered by Passive House founder Dr. Wolfgang Feist’s in his keynote address.  Some of these comments with particular residence to us here at Alpen HPP include:

Feist said, “Good windows are an important part of the development of Passivhaus.” As better building materials become available, Feist predicted, “we can reduce the overall investment costs.”

When calculating the value of any investment in energy features, Feist advised, “Forget about payback time. Payback is misleading. It is not a good measure for the economic result of an investment.” Instead, Feist advised the audience to focus on net present value. (For more information on net present value calculations, see Payback Calculations for Energy-Efficiency Improvements.)

Read Holladay’s full conference recap online here and be sure to check out the NAPHN Twitter feed for play-by-play remarks from speakers, attendees and the Passive House Network community captured during the event proceedings.

Dr. Wolfgang Feist delivers NAPHN Conference keynote event, photo credit: Holladay, 2014


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“PHIUS+ 2015: Performance standards for North America” presentation now online

September 23, 2014-

Graham Wright and Katrin Klingenberg’s NAPHC 2014 presentation describes the continuing evolution of climate-specific certification standards in Passive House for North America.

Download now:


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NAPHC Conference Recap: “It just keeps getting better,”

remarks Allison Bailes III in her Green Building Advisor article, “Highlights from the North American Passive House Conference.”  Allison’s article captures the high-energy, intellectually stimulating, ambiance of this year’s events hosted by the Passive House Alliance, US (PHAUS) and the Passive House Institute, US (PHIUS) in San Francisco.

The passive house movement is probably the most exciting area to work in the field of building science. When you push out to the edge to see just how far you can go — or should go — it’s possible to make progress that could hardly be imagined before..

Passive House leader and innovator, Kat Klingenberg, gave a broader overview of this year’s conference on her blog, noting that the greater Passive House movement is growing rapidly in a positive direction, with ever-increasing numbers of contributors with great depths of experience and knowledge.

Together you submitted nearly 100 abstracts and we had a hell of a time to choosing the best ones. We ended up with an unprecedented total of 72 sessions in 4 tracks this year, more than ever before.

Every year we say “This was the best passive house conference ever, we better stop now, we can’t possibly top this experience, the quality of the presenters, the “meat on the building science bones” presentations, technical details and specific construction solutions, cutting edge projects of all building types showcased throughout all climate zones, policy and government role discussions and incentives…”

Alpen HPP thanks PHAUS, PHIUS and all of the excellent speakers, presenters and thinkers who contributed to a fantastic conference experience.  We at Alpen learned a lot from all of you and look forward to applying all that we learned to product improvements and offerings in our high performance fiberglass window line.

Alpen at NAPHC2014

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