Holladay Expertly Recaps Successes of Passive House Network 2014 Conference

September 26, 2014:

On the heels of another tremendously successful Passive House Conference – this time in Portland, Maine, hosted by the North American Passive House Network Alpen HPP thanks the NAPHN community for generously hosting the event as well as all of the experts in the field who are recapping important lessons from the event.

Most recently, Green Building Advisor, Martin Holladay’s blog applauds the conference attendees for their intellect and openness toward sharing information and learnings from the field.  Holladay’s blog goes on to summarize key messages delivered by Passive House founder Dr. Wolfgang Feist’s in his keynote address.  Some of these comments with particular residence to us here at Alpen HPP include:

Feist said, “Good windows are an important part of the development of Passivhaus.” As better building materials become available, Feist predicted, “we can reduce the overall investment costs.”

When calculating the value of any investment in energy features, Feist advised, “Forget about payback time. Payback is misleading. It is not a good measure for the economic result of an investment.” Instead, Feist advised the audience to focus on net present value. (For more information on net present value calculations, see Payback Calculations for Energy-Efficiency Improvements.)

Read Holladay’s full conference recap online here and be sure to check out the NAPHN Twitter feed for play-by-play remarks from speakers, attendees and the Passive House Network community captured during the event proceedings.

Dr. Wolfgang Feist delivers NAPHN Conference keynote event, photo credit: Holladay, GreenBuildingAdvisor.com 2014


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“PHIUS+ 2015: Performance standards for North America” presentation now online

September 23, 2014-

Graham Wright and Katrin Klingenberg’s NAPHC 2014 presentation describes the continuing evolution of climate-specific certification standards in Passive House for North America.

Download now: http://www.phaus.org/NAPHC2014/Wright-NAPHC2014-Standards.pdf?mc_cid=5803809334&mc_eid=660932f846


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NAPHC Conference Recap: “It just keeps getting better,”

remarks Allison Bailes III in her Green Building Advisor article, “Highlights from the North American Passive House Conference.”  Allison’s article captures the high-energy, intellectually stimulating, ambiance of this year’s events hosted by the Passive House Alliance, US (PHAUS) and the Passive House Institute, US (PHIUS) in San Francisco.

The passive house movement is probably the most exciting area to work in the field of building science. When you push out to the edge to see just how far you can go — or should go — it’s possible to make progress that could hardly be imagined before..

Passive House leader and innovator, Kat Klingenberg, gave a broader overview of this year’s conference on her blog, noting that the greater Passive House movement is growing rapidly in a positive direction, with ever-increasing numbers of contributors with great depths of experience and knowledge.

Together you submitted nearly 100 abstracts and we had a hell of a time to choosing the best ones. We ended up with an unprecedented total of 72 sessions in 4 tracks this year, more than ever before.

Every year we say “This was the best passive house conference ever, we better stop now, we can’t possibly top this experience, the quality of the presenters, the “meat on the building science bones” presentations, technical details and specific construction solutions, cutting edge projects of all building types showcased throughout all climate zones, policy and government role discussions and incentives…”

Alpen HPP thanks PHAUS, PHIUS and all of the excellent speakers, presenters and thinkers who contributed to a fantastic conference experience.  We at Alpen learned a lot from all of you and look forward to applying all that we learned to product improvements and offerings in our high performance fiberglass window line.

Alpen at NAPHC2014

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Alpen and Pinnacle Window kick off NAPHN 2014 Conference Day 1

September 22, 2014-

Alpen High Performance Products proudly joins longtime Northeast US distributor Pinnacle Window Solutions to kick off Day 1 of the North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) 2014 Conference.


Pinnacle Window Solutions’ beautiful hand-crafted booth boasts a diverse collection of Alpen fiberglass windows and a dozen of our suspended coated film insulating glass units, including true triple pane, Southwall Heat Mirror, low-iron high solar gain glass and more.

If you’re visiting this year’s conference, or, if you’re considering Alpen for your next project, be sure to stop by our booth to see samples and learn how Alpen can help realize your Passivehaus – and Passive House – design vision.

NAPHN2014-Pinnacle Window Booth

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Empire State Building with Alpen Glass Exceeds Energy Savings for 3rd Straight Year

In 2010 Alpen glass innovators executed an extraordinary window energy efficiency upgrade at the Empire State Building as part of a whole building efficiency improvement project that included 8 core improvement measures.  Today, Johnson Controls reports:

World’s Most Famous Office Building Exceeds Energy Efficiency Savings for 3rd Consecutive Year; Annual Savings 16% Above Target

web content_johnson controls

The Empire State Building has surpassed the energy savings guaranteed through its innovative energy-efficiency program for the third consecutive year.

Over the past three years, the program has generated a total of approximately $7.5 million in energy savings at the landmark building. The savings is the result of continued enhancement of the iconic building’s new systems and the addition of many new tenants occupying hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space retrofitted according to program guidelines.

Window improvements are continuously cited as one of the most dramatic contributors to these ongoing savings exceeding all expected results.

Knowing windows would be important, the design team wondered how to execute the improvement: complete removal of the relatively new, good condition, 1994 thermally broken aluminum frames was noted as an unnecessary waste and too costly.  One day while watching maintenance staff clean the double-hung windows, Alpen Inc. founder and suspended film pioneer, Robert Clarke, saw an incredible opportunity to improve center-of-glass performance while re-using over 95% of the existing glass.

Starting in March, 2010, the Alpen and Serious Energy team built a suspended coated film fabrication line  inside the Empire State Building.  Over the course of 8 months, the team removed and replaced all 6,514 insulated glass units from the windows (rate of 150 per night), to add a low-e coated suspended film in the center of the units to create a triple pane, low-e coated window.

With Krypton gas fill, the new Alpen glass achieved center-of-glass U-value reductions of:

  • North:  -73%  (from U-0.48  to new U-0.13)
  • South/East/West:  -59%  (from U-0.48 to new U-0.20) plus -52% solar gain reduction

Contact Alpen HPP with questions about this project, or read the full reports from all three years of performance monitoring viewed at www.esbsustainability.com.

Empire State Building Alpen Facility Empire State Building Alpenglas reglazing ESB File Photo



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Don’t Miss High Performance Windows Break-Out Session Today at 2pm!

9/13/14 – Don’t miss today’s NAPHN Conference break-out session at 2pm featuring High Performance Windows discussions and debates.

Closing out the weekend in today’s break-out session “Track 4″ is a powerful lineup of speakers discussing all things High Performance Windows.  Speakers include:

  • Peta-Gaye Ebanks, presenting her findings of comparative study of differences between NFRC and CEN simulated window performance data
  • Colorado resident, Florien Speier, looks deeper into U-frame and U-glass values for Passive House design
  • And, rounding out the session, Alpen Inc. founder, Robert Clarke, looks forward to all that is new, innovative and ground-breaking in glass and window technology




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PHIUS Conference Poster Session Starts Tonight at 5:30pm

Kicking off this year’s PHIUS conference is the annual Exhibit Hall opening and Poster Session, come visit Alpen at Table “T3″ and say hello!

More information about this evening’s events: http://naphc2014.phius.org/poster/

PHNW Conf 2013 Hall

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PHIUS Conference Starts Thursday, 9/11! Visit Alpen at table “T3″

PHIUS’ annual Passive House Conference starts this week!  Be sure to stop by Table “T3″ in the exhibit hall to say hello to Alpen HPP.

Come see our latest window samples, photos, product performance data and more!

Alpen Booth at PHIUS - Map

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Horses love Alpen windows too

AE_Finished 5Alpen HPP is proud of the great diversity of uses for Alpen high performance fiberglass windows.  Our windows have insulated the walls of buildings of all kinds: from homes to dorms, classrooms and schools, from stores to breweries and wineries, government offices to high-rises… Alpen windows create comfortable living spaces for all kinds of occupants and occupations.  We’re pleased to now note that horses love our windows too.

Nestled in the woods at the top of a mountain in blustery Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the Koro Arena is a high performance equestrian center designed to comfortably house horses and riders year-round.  Using up-cycled and traditional materials and Alpen windows with simulated divided light grids, designers captured the beauty of traditional Steamboat style, making this new building look as familiar in the landscape as the iconic historic stables and barns that are hallmarks of the agricultural town.

Alpen’s sales team at AE Building Systems captures the finished building in a beautiful photo gallery on their website: http://aebuildingsystems.com/koro-horse-arena-featuring-alpen-525-windows/

Koro_AE_Finished 2 Koro_AE_Finished 1 Koro_AE_Finished 3 Koro_AE_Finished 4

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Local Alpen Team Launches “Retrofit Revolution” in Louisville, Colorado

Louisville Retrofit_After-Alpen_AEWith two successful deep energy retrofits complete and many more in design and planning phases, local Alpen team, AE Building Systems, successfully launched a “retrofit revolution” in Louisville, Colorado.

Utilizing products from their own catalogue and employing Passive House building techniques, company founders and building systems experts, Todd Collins and Mark Attard, are retrofitting 1970’s-era houses in their neighborhood to achieve dramatic improvements in energy efficiency, comfort and value.

Alpen 525-S Series fiberglass windows with new Silverthorne metallic fleck paint.

Visitors were shocked to learn that the metallic silver-painted windows were not aluminum at all – they are Alpen 525-S Series fiberglass windows with new “Silverthorne” metallic fleck paint.

AE’s own Mark Attard completed the first retrofit at his own home. Attard credits the almost immediate tangible improvement in occupant comfort to his new Alpen high performance fiberglass windows (525-S Series) and to the addition of 4″ of exterior insulation (mineral wool) to all exterior envelope walls.

With the exception of some interior trim and crawl space work, almost all of the home’s Passive House principle retrofit measures were done on the exterior of the home, minimizing disruption to his family during the construction process.

To read more about this exceptional efficiency effort and other completed projects, check out AE Building System’s blog: http://aebuildingsystems.com/louisville-residence-the-retrofit-revolution

FLIR Thermal Images show the dramatic comfort difference between original aluminum windows and new Alpen 525-S Series windows

FLIR Thermal Images show the dramatic comfort difference between original aluminum windows and new Alpen 525-S Series windows

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